Gabriele Bischof Kutschera Designer Profile
Gabriele Bischof Kutschera is the award-winning designer of the Seilschaften Jewellery.
Gabriele Bischof Kutschera

Gabriele Kutschera is aware, to be a rare example of female black-smith. She consequently follows her passion to create mostly metal-items using analog crafts that either work as functional design as in jewellery or several works in public places, - or as fine-art objects in order to express her personal view on time (rhythm) and space. She was invited to several - art in public - competitions and could realize numerous projects as listed in - work in public -. She likes the challenge of tasks beyond conventional work to proof her creativity but also feels the need to express her subjective thoughts coming up while forging the iron, - a fairly eccentric form of meditation. Her year is divided in summertime in the black-smith studio and wintertime at the goldsmith-desk. She is a passionate craft-woman believing that hand-work, using all 5 senses, - in different scales and techniques, is able to harmonize and fulfill the individual personality.

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