Briz Studio Designer Profile
Briz Studio is the award-winning designer of the Colour function Office.
Briz Studio

Anna Maslova is SEO of Briz studio. Under her sensitive control Briz studio has been designing interiors and public spaces since 2008. Most of the clients are large IT companies, for whom it is important to arrange the space for developers as comfortable as possible. It is such companies as social network VKontakte, Russian automaker Lada, group, PlayKot. Each year, one of the offices designed by Briz studio gets first place in the Russian architectural awards. Architects work in close conjunction with the customer to take into account all the nuances and wishes. The successful life of the project for many years is provided by a pre-design analysis covering the business process, the needs of employees and the company's image. Briz studio integrates a unique design into a productive business process, regardless of whether architects work with the brand book of the dealer network of the main Russian automaker or the start-up project office.

Colour function  Office