Lila Demarcq Designer Profile
Lila Demarcq is the award-winning designer of the Isiqu Sofa.
Lila Demarcq

Fascinated by material and the form, Lila Demarcq integrates in 2013 the School Superior of Art and Design of Saint-√Čtienne. Inspired by her childhood spent in South Africa, she creates a series of structures materializing her memories that she presents for her Master object design in 2018. With her objects, Lila Demarcq seeks today to materialize strong moments in a subtle and poetic way so that each user can appropriate them with emotion. It is the work of multiple materials as well as his desire to link Art and Design in an obvious way, which allows her to create without limits and give free rein to his imagination. Through his creations, she seeks to make people dream, to link practice with emotion. By creating from his own feelings, Lila Demarcq gets a result that allows everyone to link the object he uses to his own story and his own emotions. This allows the user to create a strong link with the object.

Lila Demarcq
Isiqu Sofa