Arkham Projects Designer Profile
Arkham Projects is the award-winning designer of the Sonata Housing Complex.
Arkham Projects

Arkham believes they are not just architects, they are dream creators. They believe every project is a dream, and it is their duty to transform them into reality; their dream is making that happen. Arkham aspires to a world in which all architects are aware of this, that they are not just designers, architects have more than that in their hands. Arkham is a passionate and committed team from Mérida, México, led by Min Peniche, in the creative direction, and by Jorge Duarte, in the business direction. They are are more than twenty professionals from different disciplines that join their talents to fulfill this purpose, transforming dreams into reality. Since 2013, Arkham has carried out architectural projects of different scales and typologies, supporting their clients with the coordination of MEP and permits, as well as the construction's supervision. With more than 300,000sqm designed, Arkham has had the honor of receiving more than two dozen national and international awards for their projects.

Arkham Projects
Sonata Housing Complex