Julia Wagner Designer Profile
Julia Wagner is the award-winning designer of the Orange Mood Digital Ad.
Julia Wagner

Julia Wagner was born in Estonia (Tallinn) in 1986. She graduated from Euroacademy Tallinn in 2010 receiving BA in interior architecture. In 2013 Julia co-founded with her partner a creative team of freelance designers in Estonia and Russia named Ohoo Design Lab. Together they created interior design for private and corporate buildings, designed furniture and also created visualizations. In 2015, Julia completed the architectural visualization course in online school CG INCUBATOR. 3 years ago she moved from Estonia to Germany where she started to work for Interior Architect company in partnership with architect's bureau of Christian Weise in Gorlitz. She also took part in international competition of interior design Eichneglobal Art Battle where she was selected in top 20 and therefore implemented her project in central Berlin in two bed room apartment. Thereafter she was offered Lead of 3D position in Interior Design Department in Raumbild GmbH in Munich. After this position she moved on to another company working as interior designer. At given moment Julia is freelancer in interior design living in Munich. She also keeps her design blog de.former in Instagram and is passionate about interior styling and 3D visualization . Her main agenda is to make the environment more beautiful, happier, and better habitat with the help of design. She likes the opportunity to be able to influence design considering the preference and taste of the client, and also to think out of the box integrate even the most bizarre from first impression ideas into reality.

Julia Wagner
Orange Mood Digital Ad