Juan Cruz del Granado Designer Profile
Juan Cruz del Granado is the award-winning designer of the Nexus Integrated Kitchen.
Juan Cruz del Granado

I am a quiet person, I like to discuss ideas and know several points of view on the same subject. I am very curious, what has given me a polifacetismo and a hunger for very varied knowledge. I am very proud to have received an Industrial Designer this year (2018) and it gives me more confidence to face new objectives. Industrial Design is a motivation for me, seeking to discover in every job, the greatest number of possible ways to solve situations and thus be able to choose the best one. I am diligent and I take my time to the fullest. I am not discouraged in the face of adversity, but they inspire me to learn new skills or criteria to achieve the proposed goals. To the people closest to me I talk about alternative energies, their efficiency, uses and advantages. Especially when talking about electric motors versus internal combustion engines. I love nature I am inspired by it for my designs so that in this way people can value the natural environment we have in the world.

Nexus Integrated Kitchen