LTHK collaboration with K11 Designer Profile
LTHK collaboration with K11 is the award-winning designer of the Guangzhou K11 Art Mall.
LTHK collaboration with K11

L&T ARCHITECTS HONG KONG and K11 Concepts Limited have collaborated on several projects, such as K11 Art Mall(Guangzhou), K11 Art Mall(Shenzhen), K11 Art Mall(Wuhan), etc. About K11 Concepts Limited: K11 is the world's first Art Mall and the world's first original brand to pioneer the blend of three essential elements of Art•People•Nature. K11 will bring all kinds of avant-garde green design, sustainable thinking, programmes and way of life to the communities and encourage people to have more frequent and closer dialogue with nature. About L&T ARCHITECTS HONG KONG (LTHK): Established in 1998, LTHK Group have offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai, which are founded and directed by HK Registered Architects Mr. Ben Yeung and Mr. Paul Tse. LTHK Group have strong strength of design capabilities with rich experience. Through a keen sense of touch, LTHK Group reconstruct and design for environment and space. Focusing on improving the design level, LTHK Group provide more high quality design services and competitive products for the society.

Guangzhou K11 Art Mall