Nina Vidmar Designer Profile
Nina Vidmar is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Nina Vidmar

Nina Vidmar Bloom de Gemme, is a newly introduced jewellery company, incorporated in 2018. Based out of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, owner and founder Nina Vidmar creates bespoke jewellery for the global luxury market. The one-off contemporary gemstone designs are fabricated by means of ancient fine jewellery making techniques. The designer, educated in the fashion industry, studied the complex patterns and textures found within the world’s flora and fauna. Incorporating those motifs, she re-interpreted them with gemstones, diamonds and high carat gold to last forever. The intertwining of modern designs and centuries-old craftsmanship makes Nina Vidmar Bloom de Gemme a fresh new company within the antediluvian jewellery industry.

Nina Vidmar
Hortensia Bouquet  Ring
An Emperors Love Ring