HSU, Chung-Miao Designer Profile
HSU, Chung-Miao is the award-winning designer of the Bent Wood Cajon Traditional Craft Musical Instrument.
HSU, Chung-Miao

In childhood, Chung Maio liked to quietly watch his grandfather beat drums and listen to him talking about drums and stories. he kept these old memories of the seemingly dull but peaceful life deep inside his heart. When he was in the 9th grade, his grandfather passed away. He was quite used to the original lifestyle and gradually forgot the drumbeat with the passing of his grandfather. More than twenty years later, He met Cajon by chance. When he heard the familiar drumbeat, the loving memories for his grandfather and drumbeats keep coming back. YIKUTSOCHI was founded by the old memories, and he wants to continue the feelings by designing and creating pieces of works. In the past, people lived a life of Taiwan traditional craft. It not only records Taiwanese history but also represents the spirit of traditional culture. With the changing of times, machines have changed the ways of work. Traditional crafts were replaced and disappeared gradually. The crafts that people praised were only remembered in the memory of older generations. In order to regain the oldest memories, they will design technical instruments via the traditional crafts in a new idea, expecting to continue the crafts in different styles.

Bent Wood Cajon Traditional Craft Musical Instrument