Ermanno Aparo Designer Profile
Ermanno Aparo is the award-winning designer of the Almada Bb Trumpet .
Ermanno Aparo

My specialization is working with a network of companies, creating sustainable and high quality production systems through design. At the academic and research level I have already worked with territorial networks in innovative projects. One case to mention is the tricycle for the city "Raiooo" (published in the magazine Domus). Another case is the Nmettoon wireless kitchen, a self-contained, wireless, unplumbed space that can be assembled in just 3 hours, used for food preparation (this project was published as a scientific article at a European Association for Architectural Education event). This trumpet demonstrates that a business network system create complex products with a high level of aesthetic, functional and performance quality. These projects allow companies to initiate collaboration among them, creating innovation and developing new projects compatible with their potential.

Ermanno Aparo
Almada Bb Trumpet