Sune Jehrbo Designer Profile
Sune Jehrbo is the award-winning designer of the Spencer Lamp Ceiling and Wall Hung Lamp.
Sune Jehrbo

Eleanor Home is a 100% family owned Danish designed and manufacturing lighting company. All designs are made by Sune Jehrbo. Eleanor Home only manufacture by hand and only by skilled craftsmen. The business philosophy is to make Evergreen designs, that will last now and for years to come and to deliver high quality products at affordable prices. We are committed to using only the best suppliers and manufacturers available. We strongly believe in traditional handcraft and skilled craftsmen, and machine mass production does not fit our philosophy. This local focus not only allows us to keep a tight control of our quality and flexibility in our production, it also reduces our carbon footprint considerably. Eleanor Home have won several international design awards.

Sune Jehrbo
Spencer Lamp Ceiling and Wall Hung Lamp