Pierangelo Brandolisio Designer Profile
Pierangelo Brandolisio is the award-winning designer of the Pet Home Collection Luxury Furniture.
Pierangelo Brandolisio

I was born on the 1st of October 1966 in Bern, Switzerland. In May 1999 I'd graduated I.U.A.V. - Venice/ITALY in architecture, and found The Brandolisio architecture studio. In 2015 I bought my first dog, a beautiful puppy of American Akita, called Aki. The brand BRANDO comes from this great love. The twenty-year experience in the world of architecture and my passion for detail have lead me to create new experiments. After a careful evaluation of the pet market I decided to offer my contribution to propose the products recognised in the world of design, not only products for pets but objects designed to satisfy even the aesthetic needs of home environment. From these reflections and from living in daily contact with pets, I have created a series of models that differ not only in their construction materials, but also in their forms, due to different pet instincts, needs, and ability of choosing their favourite places. Pet Home Collection represents the first and significant reflection in the world of pet design that has led to combining aspects of animal welfare with design.

Pierangelo Brandolisio
Pet Home Collection Luxury Furniture