Nándor Bence Krajnyák Designer Profile
Nándor Bence Krajnyák is the award-winning designer of the Follower Form Diver Base of Rudabánya.
Nándor Bence Krajnyák

Bence N. Krajnyák is a Budapest based feelancer architect and CG artist. He was born in 1995 in Miskolc, Hungary. He graduated at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture with an MSc in Architecture in 2020. Also studied abroad at University of Oulu in Finland to make international experiences and get into architectural design in 2019. He is working in architectural industry since 2017 alongside university studies. He is a development-oriented personality, working on day by day to deepen into architecture and its different parts and peripheries, such as architectural visualization, engineering, landscape architecture, interior design, BIM or paramteric design either through self-educated learning or through professional trainings. He is ambitious and purposeful about gaining more experience abroad in architectural area (university studies in Finland, participated in international competitions including Iceland, Italy, Russia and Czech Republic), obsessed with Nordic architecture. He is Opened to following opportunities and challenges either as a freelancer or as a helpful member of a team.

Nándor Bence Krajnyák
Follower Form Diver Base of Rudabánya