Maciej Dorabiala Designer Profile
Maciej Dorabiala is the award-winning designer of the Ingrede Set Cutlery.
Maciej Dorabiala

Matthew Dorabiala holds a degree in graphic design and is currently studying 3D design at the Manchester School of Art. He is passionate about design and painting and he finds inspirations in the beauty of nature, human psychology, and works of great masters. One of the biggest strength of Matthews creative career is the creativity and innovative approach to problems. By following his artistic feelings Matthew managed to win international design contests, as well as having his paintings purchased by collectors from around the world. His graphic design company was also working with clients from many countries. Matthew wants to have an international impact and his ambitions are set to someday change the world. His bold concepts and devotion to the artistic cause can be seen in his works that are meant to positively contribute to society by tackling, for example, mental health problems as well as raising awareness of the design in the society.

Ingrede Set Cutlery