Roland Radschopf Designer Profile
Roland Radschopf is the award-winning designer of the Klammhoehe Corporate Identity.
Roland Radschopf

Every project starts with a personal interview, where I get to know the client and the brand. There, I understand whether we match or not, as for me mutual appreciation and understanding is the basis for every collaboration. Once the scope of the project is roughly defined, I continue analyzing what the client needs—not what he wants. Therefore, asking the right questions is crucial. It is very important that the questions do not only scratch the surface. Every single detail, which first might seem irrelevant, could evolve into the major idea of the entire concept. I am not a big fan of design trends; I believe that every project has its unique characteristics that make it special in its own way. Finding this unique idea is essential in order to create a successful project. As a designer, you have to be able to identify a good idea. A “good“ idea in my opinion needs to be clear and precise, possible to be explained within one sentence and recognized by third parties. If this is not the case, the idea is too complex. Based on the starting idea, I develop the entire concept for the project. Design without an underlying concept is a pure beautification and won’t help the client. However, in some cases, it can happen that in the course of the conceptualization phase it turns that the idea does not fit optimally. Therefore, as a designer you have to be ready to also kill your babies and let some ideas go if necessary. After the conceptualization phase, I realize the project with experts from various fields. Depending on the required expertise, I have access to a pool of highly qualified people, like copywriters, architects, photographers, printing companies, etc. that I collaborate with.

Klammhoehe Corporate Identity