Yuefeng ZHOU Designer Profile
Yuefeng ZHOU is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
Yuefeng ZHOU

Yuefeng ZHOU is a professional interior designer and artist currently based in Nanjing China. His work focuses mainly on interior design, industrial design, and corporate identity. He believes the inside of a space is as important as the outside. Influenced by historical interiors of all periods, Yuefeng ZHOU’s interior design studio has been championing Chinese and English country style for the last 2 years, for a roster of A-list famous clients. When he produces a scheme he tends to not leave anything out, even in an initial presentation. For him, it’s about the whole space and every item contributes to the overall feel.

Nanjing Fishing Port Restaurant
Voronoi Bicycle Helmet
Eatime Space Dining and Working
Evolutionary Stroller
Shanghai Xijiao Hotel