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Bass Design Inc is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Bass Design Inc

BASS Design was established in 2009 by four friends. They are dedicated to the fields of architecture, interior and landscape. After years of honing in Taiwan, Chicago and mainland China. Working together for BASS Design, we provide customers with space and environment design services. The business includes master planning, architectural design, interior design and construction, and landscape design. Over the past nine years, we have accumulated more experience and knowledge. We don’t Pursuing a specific style and form, but looking for the starting point of creation from the base, space, materials, light, and behavior, responding to people's desire for life through continuous operation and reflection, and expecting to write some moving space for the city and living environment story.

Stone well Interior Design
Action without Action Residential House
Breezy Hill Residential House
Yi Yun Art Art Center