Alice Pearse Designer Profile
Alice Pearse is the award-winning designer of the Signature Tote Handbag.
Alice Pearse

Calie Parese is a luxury African brand that specialises in exotic skin accessories. Sisters and co-founders Alice and Catherine Pearse have grown up appreciating the lifestyle that comes with living in such a unique country. They have a shared passion for artisanal luxury, conservation, and furthering their knowledge of people and their customs by travelling to lesser-known places. The brand was created to share African beauty and its adventurous lifestyle with the world, as well as showcase what Southern Africa has to offer in the way of craftsmanship and design excellence. Calie Parese places great importance on ethical and sustainable practices that produce products of the highest quality. They endeavour to achieve complete transparency in every aspect of the business.

Signature Tote Handbag