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VISANG is an award-winning designer with 17 featured award-winning projects.

In order to enable the children to lead diverse learning activities by themselves, VISANG has been endeavoring to make the perfect study materials. As a result, VISANG workbooks recorded the sales of over 100 million copies until now. By doing so, VISANG workbooks have become located as a perfect partner ideal for self-learning. In order to enable everyone who desires to learn without settling for textbooks, VISANG offer equal opportunity for our education without any conditions. It's fame continued by introducing the masterpiece textbooks, which contain the Ministry of Education's vision and the values of VISANG based on the know-how of VISANG only. Publishing the national textbooks for elementary schools starting 2016 using top editorial manpower and the latest printing facility, it has been receiving recognition for its capabilities regarding textbooks, its development of the teaching materials, the editing, and its publications despite its short history.

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