Zhou Ying Designer Profile
Zhou Ying is the award-winning designer of the Doctor BEI Sonic Electric Toothbrush.
Zhou Ying

Zhou Ying is a senior designer who enhances user participation experience through innovation and resource optimization, transforming design innovation value into social and human care. Zhou Ying is currently focusing on the design of quality product design and service systems in the field of oral health. The products responsible for design are not only recognized by a large number of international professional design evaluation organizations, but also the social value of Zhou Ying's products designed to improve the oral health of Chinese users. Received wide market praise. Zhou Ying is happy to discover the pain points in the daily life of the user. Through design practice, balance the contradiction between resources and market, so that the meaning of design innovation becomes the carrier of universal value. This has always been the driving force of Zhou Ying’s social mission of designers.

Doctor BEI Sonic Electric Toothbrush