Aldo Deli Designer Profile
Aldo Deli is the award-winning designer of the Magellano Lamp.
Aldo Deli

The italian architect Aldo Deli grew up breathing design, expressed in the form of the many objects that became the protagonists of our stories: a passion passed on by his family and that grew stronger with the passage of time. His training took place between books, markers, travels, competitions. But above all, many inspirations. He believes that the success of a project is the perfect combination of aesthetics and innovation, be it functional, semantic or technological. Design, even more than architecture, has the courage and the ability to dare: this is why every object has the obligation to strive to go beyond the existing to which our eyes are accustomed. But above all he believes that the true power of a project is the idea behind it. Looking for it is the fun part, finding the most motivating one.

Aldo Deli
Magellano Lamp