Marco Antonio Barba Sánchez Designer Profile
Marco Antonio Barba Sánchez is the award-winning designer of the Bermuda Seawater Purifier.
Marco Antonio Barba Sánchez

Marco Antonio Barba Sánchez is a passionate industrial designer. Which is always looking to create a solution to any social problem through a product, experience or any practical and smart solution. The design has let him to develop social projects in Mexico and abroad, as well as product development, packaging, furniture, etc. for large, small and medium enterprises. He also likes to be part of the manufacturing processes in order to innovate and renovate. Besides design, his passion is adventure (travel, camping, meeting people, cultures, landscapes, sports, etc.), Squash and . As a phrase in life, He believe that, Everything he do must have a positive impact.

Marco Antonio Barba Sánchez
Bermuda Seawater Purifier