Li Zhang Designer Profile
Li Zhang is an award-winning designer with 13 featured award-winning projects.
Li Zhang

Formed by a passionate young team, it is a growth and thinking company. The company has strong cohesiveness and centripetality, has a good professional value and service awareness, and can look at the overall situation. Analyze and think about problems from the perspective of development, accurately grasp the market positioning, guide the design with global awareness, and enhance the value of products with design quality, so as to achieve “development and design concepts”. The best fusion. When we accept any project commission, we will do our research and investigation carefully. Our team has excellent imagination, creativity and unparalleled passion, and is committed to providing customers with unique and innovative high-quality design works.

Li Zhang
Rhythm Eastern Sales Center
Delicacy of Nature Sales Center
Tracing Clouds Sales Center
Bookish Atmosphere Sales Center
Eternal Beauty Sales Center
Oriental Classic Sales Center
Blooming Peonies Picturesque Sale Center
Lights and Shadows Sales Center
A Touch of Monet Residential Apartment
Exhibition Center of Shandong Green Land Interior Design
Shui Yue Tang Exhibition Center Exhibition Center
The Dynasty show house Residential House
Where The Dream Outlasts Interior Design