Rahul Tyagi Designer Profile
Rahul Tyagi is the award-winning designer of the Daic Convention Centre.
Rahul Tyagi

Rahul tyagi is an architect and industrial designer based in India. He started his own firm RTA in 2001 with the idea to produce meaningful architecture and design. He has ever since then been evolving his own design language and solutions to the various problems of architecture and design. He has been a visiting faculty to various School of architecture and design to mentor upcoming talent in the relevant fields. He has been a trainer of green buildings design and attempts to make all his buildings green and environment conscious. He has designed products like juke box to large scale projects like group housings, hospitals and convention center. His philosophy of design is that "the user and the environment is the prime subject around and interrelated to which the product or building should be built".

Rahul Tyagi
Daic Convention Centre