Li Wan Yu Designer Profile
Li Wan Yu is the award-winning designer of the Lost in The City Poster.
Li Wan Yu

I am a new blood to the architectural and interior design industry. However, I believe that I have started shouldering the responsibility of a designer on the first day I stepped into the design industry. I believe that every designer should have the responsibility to achieve a better quality design and to show their personality in a design. My goal is to bring a new culture to the design industry, which concentrates on the user experience, human sense and the tiny feelings of human. My past study help me develop a strong critical thinking and concept developing skills. Critical thinking help me think independently, what is the benefits and disadvantages in the industry, what should be continued and what should be changed in the future. I want to study a master programme of environmental psychology, further studies may provide me a better understanding on the human behavior, while work experiences help develop my skills on the visual presentation and develop a more mature thinking in design. Both the theories and practices provide me the skills to handle a project independently, turning a concept into a physical space and to develop an independent mind. I want to own a company, to work in my own team and studio when I'm a mature designer. As it is impossible to change the culture in the industry within a short time, it will be my lifelong goal to achieve that. Owning a studio and leading a team provides me the opportunity to express my thinking, building a new culture as well as turning dreams into the reality. I'm not saying that I can change the world, but the only thing I can do is to always do my best, aim high, break the rules, concentrate on the field that I'm interested in. I believe that my small power can also influence the industry if I have a clear attitude.

Li Wan Yu
Lost in The City Poster