Alexey Chugunnikov Designer Profile
Alexey Chugunnikov is the award-winning designer of the Mods Clock.
Alexey Chugunnikov

Alexey Chugunnikov was born is 1976 in Leningrad city from USSR. In 1999 obtained Master degree in Saint-Petersburg Academy of Art and Design, Industrial Design department. Alexey has been working in various areas of industrial design for more than twenty years. There, in addition to project work, he got the experience of cooperation with engineering departments and productions, opened new technologies for himself, communicated with specialists on different stages of designing: from presentation the idea to starting the production of the object. Participated in the development of design to the seal leak controls, bodies of medical equipment, and also point of sales materials (promotional displays and constructions) and exhibition stands. At the moment, for more than ten years, Alexey has been working as the lead designer in the company that works in the area of business gifts. He develops the design collection of business gifts. Participated and awarded during the following exhibitions: “Modulor” (2001, bronze diploma), “Systems and means of control” (2002, diploma for exhibition unit), “Russian industrialist” (Diploma for exhibition exposition design for Russian Designers Union). Took first place in “Beer Bottles nei luoghi pubblici” competition for “Bin.Ball” project, as a member of design crew (2009). Winner of Promotional Gift Award, Germany (2021) The International jury conferred the Red Dot Award in 2009 (design concept), A`Design Award (silver) and iF Design Award in 2015 (product design). Until 2020 he is a Jury member of the A' Design Award and Competition.

Alexey Chugunnikov
Mods Clock