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Carlos Bañon is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Carlos Bañon

Carlos Banon is an accomplished Architect with a specialization in Digital Processes and Advanced Manufacturing methods. As the Director and Co-founder of AIRLAB Singapore and Partner of Subarquitectura Architects, he has played a pivotal role in driving innovative and sustainable design solutions. Carlos is also an Associate Professor with tenure in Architecture and Sustainable Design at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, where he inspires and mentors the next generation of architects. Carlos holds a M.Arch. with Extraordinary Distinction and has held visiting professorships at renowned institutions such as MIT and EPFL. His expertise in research spans across diverse domains, including 3D Printing in the built environment (3DPA), Geometric Exploration for Sustainable Space Making (GESSM), Artificial Intelligence in structural design, and Affordable Housing. Carlos's work has garnered numerous international awards and accolades, including the Design of the Year Prize by the London Design Museum, the Gold and Silver Medal given by the International Paralympic and Olympic Committees, two Spanish Biennial Prizes, the Mies Van der Rohe Prize nomination, the German Design Award 2020, four SG Marks (Singapore Good Design), two Singapore Design Awards Finalist, and selected as one of the Iconic designs by the German Design Council in 2020. His recent work, AirMesh, received the Singapore PD*A President Design Award, the highest distinction for designs and designers in Singapore, and his projects have been selected for the prestigious Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2018 and 2020. Carlos's dedication and contributions to the field of architecture have made him a respected name in the industry, with a reputation for excellence in design and innovation.

Carlos Bañon
Aitable Furniture
DB Schenker Upcycling Hub Lunchroom