Irina Greciuhina Designer Profile
Irina Greciuhina is the award-winning designer of the Yammino Caucasian fast food restaurant.
Irina Greciuhina

Irina Grechukhina is architect, Director and owner of architectural Bureau Zen Design SRL. Over a ten-year period Irina Grechukhina with her team have created more than 100 design projects of restaurants interiors all round the world: in Romania, Moldova, Russia and China. Also Irina has got good experience in the architectural design of public and private buildings starting with the project stage to realization completing and their openning. Irina is the winner of many prizes and rewards in the field of architecture and design. She is a broad-minded person, balanced and thoughtful one with deep understanding of the processes taking place in Moldova, the country which is tending into Europe. She helps her customers to create objects economically beneficial, profitable. Irina is trying to make the lives of all the citizens to be modern and comfortable, convenient, with a clean environment and healthy ergonomics.

Irina Greciuhina
Yammino Caucasian fast food restaurant