Kansaranat Pear Nerngchamnong Designer Profile
Kansaranat Pear Nerngchamnong is the award-winning designer of the Bear Communication Platform.
Kansaranat Pear Nerngchamnong

Inspired by the relationship between humans and design, I am an advocate for Design Thinking. My passion and practice revolve around uncovering the stories behind complex problems and utilizing insights to drive growth and innovation. With my background in both the creative field and operations, I combine skills from both aspects to deliver purposeful solutions. ​Born and raised in Bangkok, I have lived in Bangkok, Thailand; Savannah, Georgia; Melbourne, Australia; and I am now based in New York where I continue to develop my curiosity and immerse myself in a multicultural environment. When I'm not looking for new gummy bears to try, I practice yoga, explore new ideas and inventions, and experiment with dinner recipes.

Kansaranat Pear Nerngchamnong
Bear Communication Platform