Philip-Michael Weiner Designer Profile
Philip-Michael Weiner is the award-winning designer of the UrbnEarth Planter Automated Garden.
Philip-Michael Weiner

I am an award-winning company builder and creative director who has spent the last decade working and growing some of the most impactful products in food, technology, and consumer products. Since starting my first company in 2007, I’ve led teams of designers, engineers and collaborated with companies of all sizes worldwide to grow their business through behavior changing, meaningful and enduring design. In 2008, my father to diabetes, a moment which spurred a personal pivot from technology to healthy, homegrown food through a company called UrbnEarth. I have designed initiatives for some of the most enduring brands like Virgin, Virgin Galactic, and even Richard Branson's personal projects as well as developing products for the most disruptive startups in Silicon Valley. My products have been showcased at the Museum of Design in Barcelona and revered in books like 99 Designs for Life. Ventures I've worked on have reached profitability, raised over $80M+ and have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, NPR, and The Washington Post among others. I am also a recipient of the A Design Award and Dwell Magazine's Design Materials Awards. I balance my client work and day job with personal creative work like songwriting and mentoring junior designers. I am also an active angel investor and brand advisor to numerous consumer companies. Based in Oakland, I work both remotely and lead design teams in client locations.

Philip-Michael Weiner
UrbnEarth Planter Automated Garden