Weiming teng Designer Profile
Weiming teng is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Weiming teng

He is a teacher from China. He majored in industrial design. He liked to observe life. To discover new problems. He learned that the public service through a course design is an important direction. This made him on the design of public interest. He felt that the improvement of the common design for society and environment, the whole country has a lot of help. Through the course at the peace of the study, social investigation, he found the Chinese public waste classification of consciousness is very low, is much weaker than the developed countries. Through the course of the study and discussion research, and others have made the relevant design. He is an ordinary student. Learn what utilitarianism. Important is to want to make some contribution to society. Through the design to improve the social development. And the protection of people live in their homes.

MO INK Indoor public trash can
Terra Cotta Warriors Tea Bag