Eda Yükseker Designer Profile
Eda Yükseker is the award-winning designer of the Punto Fresco Italiano Restaurant.
Eda Yükseker

Eda Yukseker established Marvel Mimarlik in Istanbul in 2016, focused on interior projects with product and furniture design. One of the leading target for Marvel Architecture is converting the creative, inspirational, original and trendsetter projects and designs into functional and high quality applications to suit with their individual and institutional customers. Marvel Architecure recognize the most important element of their work as people. The people to work with, collaborate with, create unique environments with, and dream and live with. Scope of Marvel's work is to express the autonomous personality of each space briefly. Passion is in creating memorable interior design that will leave a lasting impression. The mission is to create environments that fascinates from every aspect. Aesthetic, practical, commercial, experiential. They achieve this by applying intelligence and by developing a personal vision for every to design project. Setting the most uncompromising standards and working side by side with their clients to bring that vision to life. Marvel's attention to sub details from concept stage to completion consistently provides their clients with extremely desired interiors. Spacial planning, detailed drawing, lighting design, product and full material specification are all basics to their design process, presenting to clients with transparent costings for approval.

Punto Fresco Italiano Restaurant