Suraksha Acharya Designer Profile
Suraksha Acharya is the award-winning designer of the Aero Hive Sustainable Office Tower.
Suraksha Acharya

Midori architects is an award-winning firm, established in the year 2015 under the leadership of Suraksha Acharya, a cognitive member of the sustainable architecture field in India, championing the need to build better and more environment friendly structures. True to its meaning, Midori believes there lies an element of inspiration for all projects, large or small, through the Green approach. They are a young team of new-age designers, planners, thinkers and consultants from Chennai, striving to create everlasting structures through innovative form, modern flow and versatile function. The firm is committed using advanced technology and simulation techniques to produce architecturally pleasing work while pushing the boundaries of performative design, thereby becoming involved with several sustainable design initiatives.

Suraksha Acharya
Aero Hive Sustainable Office Tower