Jia Hongfeng Designer Profile
Jia Hongfeng is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Jia Hongfeng

Jia Hongfeng established CSK Design in 2005. He and his team mainly provide interior design and decorations design services for high-end properties. The service scope includes innovation and practice on high-end clubhouse, hotel, sales office, villas and show flats design. By following the concept of "creating beauty for life", he has taking the lead in the real estate design industry. He sets his design ideas in the commercial strategy to meet the client's demand and to keep pace with the market trend from artistic and aesthetic point of view. He is good at studying the fusion of oriental and occidental cultures and has been making efforts to exploring the diverse possibilities of design. He pays attention to the integration of classics and personality, and tries to convey emotions by contemporary design languages. During the past 14 years, his team has been able to maintain strategic partnership with Vanke, Gemdale, C&D Realty, and Guomao Real Estate etc.

Center Manor Sales Office
Xinting Sales Center