Rui Ning Designer Profile
Rui Ning is the award-winning designer of the Phecda Mansion Sales Center.
Rui Ning

GND DESIGN LIMITED , Which are respectively engaged in interior design, soft furnishing design and landscape design. We mainly serve government sectors as well as quality real estate developers with favorable brand influence and pursuit of excellence. With rigorous design logic and professional integration capability, GND is able to assist different clients in positioning their products, to provide strategic advice, and to implement the design for their show area. On condition of cost under control, GND is committed to providing the most suitable solution which can satisfy client’s demand to the utmost. Meanwhile, GND is also able to develop standardization system to custimize client’s needs, which can help them establish or improve their management and operational criteria for interior and landscape design projects.

Rui Ning
Phecda Mansion Sales Center