GND Jiedi Landscape Design Designer Profile
GND Jiedi Landscape Design is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
GND Jiedi Landscape Design

GND Design Group consists of four major sections: Landscape Design, Landscape Soft Decoration Design and Practice, Interior Design, Interior Soft Decoration Design and Practice. GND Design Group always adheres to the global design orientation and has nearly 100 professional designers to serve the real estate developers and government departments with outstanding pursuits, providing landscape design, interior design and soft decoration design services. Our design industry types include: developer exhibition area planning, sales offices and clubs, high-end residence, housing industry standardization, urban complexes, educational institutions, starred hotels and boutique hotels, etc., and we are committed to the realization of quality living.

Phecda Mansion Sales Center
Huafa Zhuofan Center Exhibition Area
Lianfa Jade Mansion in Hangzhou Sales Centre