Xu Zhichao Designer Profile
Xu Zhichao is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Xu Zhichao

Xu Zhichao is a famous designer in China that he was born in the 1985,He is NANJING REAL GROUP ARCHITECTURE and CUN DESIGN Surreal co-working founder. At the same time, he is also the director of young designers branch of Nanjing Interior Design association and a well-known guest of design variety show. Xu Zhichao’s Motto is "don't forget your beginner's mind and focus on the essence". He adheres to the design concept of humanity, environmental protection and interest, and is good at designing catering space and office space. His representative works are <ETERNAL Entrance door Nanjing exhibition hall - Six dynasties' gates>,<ETERNAL Entrance door Bejing exhibition hall-Door lane>,<Tribeca's second store>,<The chopstick brothers' lobster shop>,<Zheng long bao dian health restaurant>,<Children's world>,<M&A Fitness studio>,<ORCHID SPA 1.0 - FAN THAI ORCHID>,<Yuan Shenghan’s Law firm>, <1865 Block office space>,<ORCHID SPA 2.0 - Water in the mirror,flowers like the moon>.

Xu Zhichao
Orchid 2 Spa
Orchid Spa