Mikolaj Dymowski Designer Profile
Mikolaj Dymowski is the award-winning designer of the Flow Oled lamp.
Mikolaj Dymowski

Mikolaj Dymowski is a Polish born product designer living and working in London, UK. In 2014 Mikolaj graduated from Royal College of Art as well as Imperial College where he received MA and MSc. Following his graduation he worked for a top British design consultancy where he was involved in a number of projects spanning accross transport, consumer electronics, retail, etc. Since leaving a full time job, Mikolaj has worked both as an independent designer and a freelancer focusing on a wider range of projects such as medical, packaging, exhibition, furniture and home accessories. In 2017 Mikolaj worked as a tutor at Imperial College London assisting students in their final projects preparation. He then joined Royal College of Art for a speculative research project.

Mikolaj Dymowski
Flow Oled lamp