Teddy Lo Designer Profile
Teddy Lo is the award-winning designer of the QUINTESSENCE Interactive Light Sculpture.
Teddy Lo

Teddy Lo aims to push the sustainable and spiritual boundaries of future experience with digital media and lighting technology. His artistic practice departs from research on the electromagnetic spectrum and its potential biological, psychological and spiritual affects, combining ancient old chrome-therapy with the newest LED technology. His most recent work explores compelling and healing affects on humans and biological matter through light and other frequencies. The artist graduated in Advertising Designs at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena followed by a Masters in Lighting with the Queensland University of Technology. His work has evolved from luminous motion graphics and data visualisation, engineering and programming techniques with LED technology in 2d and 3d, to sculptural design and sculptural forms, regenerative art with interactive behaviours, and luminous spatial environments. Besides contemporary artworks, Lo has designed the exterior lighting for the tallest building in China, the Shanghai Tower, and a digital media infrastructure for the new World Trade Center in NYC, among many projects. The artist aims to push the boundaries of our future experience of digital media and lighting with the goal of promoting sustainable technology and advancing human spirituality with his work. His new projects are focusing on creating luminous spatial environment and lighting experience for the viewers to perceive and thus, offering them various compelling and healing effect through light and other frequencies. The artist aims to inspire the world with positive and enlightening thoughts with the illuminating medium LED technology.

Teddy Lo
QUINTESSENCE Interactive Light Sculpture