Matthieu Robert Designer Profile
Matthieu Robert is the award-winning designer of the Aveine Connected wine aerator.
Matthieu Robert

Matthieu Robert is a French designer, after working in the packaging field working for many brands in the delicatessen, wine and spirit sector. Later he founded Medical Design a company that helps the healthcare company to think more about the users. Working for surgery, radiology, geriatric, medicine dispensers, … his vision of the healthcare services from the inside helps him to work for the best products for all the users, from doctor and surgeons to patients and their relatives, thinking also to the pharmacist, the nurses… Looking for new challenges, he met two Nicolas and together, they founded Aveine, a company that wants to help people in their wine tasting providing new tools and new applications. As French people always say wine is part of the healthcare system so it’s not very far from what he used to do. In the company, he takes care of all the design part, the marketing and a bit of lots of others stuff, - you know how start up work! - Having a designer at the top of the company, makes design being everywhere, in every decision.

Matthieu Robert
Aveine Connected wine aerator