Íris Björk Tanya Jónsdóttir Designer Profile
Íris Björk Tanya Jónsdóttir is the award-winning designer of the Infinity Tiny Bracelet .
Íris Björk Tanya Jónsdóttir

"Vera Design was founded in 2012 when Iris Bjork Tanya Jonsdottir bought the copyright of the design from the great artist Gudbjartur Thorleifsson. Gudbjartur had over 60 years of experience and a great success in the design field as a goldsmith, and he and Iris worked together until he passed away at the age of 86 in January 2017. Iris has taken Gudbjartur‘s design to the next level and most of her design is inspired by the Nordic Saga. Iris‘ goal is to design timeless jewellery that can be passed on to generations to come, and her Infinity line has become well known worldwide."

Íris Björk Tanya Jónsdóttir
Infinity Tiny  Bracelet