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Hamid Packseresht is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Hamid Packseresht

The CEO of Dumara Inc., Hamid Packseresht, is a dropout student of Coventry University in the United Kingdom. He completed his BA in Industrial Design in Tehran, at Azad University. In his life, he has been driven by a purpose of founding a personal design studio. Due to the fact that having related theoretical and practical backgrounds in both areas is a necessity to manage a company under that scale while receiving education in the field of Industrial Design throughout his undergraduate, he exerted himself to broaden his knowledge in the field of Graphics as well. In this regard, with this course of 4 years, his intuitions paved the path for him to learn the fundamental concepts of graphic design both practically and theoretically receiving no academic instruction. The practical and theoretical aspects of Graphic and Industrial Design were his main focus of studies. His career debut reflected a great sense of perseverance when he was appointed as the chief designer at icepack co. On a winning streak, he gradually won a number of titles in various local competitions. This earned him a reputation which accelerated his promotion to higher positions e.g. chief design officer in many famous companies in Iran. Following this, he decided to go through a new challenge of founding a self-stand Company under the Brand name Dumara. This was a turning point for him and his other coworkers. The term "Phenomenal" is the English Equivalent for Dumara in Avestan Language. Since its founding in Tehran in 2012, Dumara Company, Inc. has had a leading role in a wide range of projects in terms of design including industrial, graphics, and architectural. Dumara studio has taken a professional team of designers into employment, being capable of handling a majority of design fields.

Hamid Packseresht
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