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Materia 174 Architecture Office is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Materia 174 Architecture Office

Design and architecture of modern villas and apartments. Years of experience allowed developing a unique design methodology. It involves an ongoing study of the relationship between form and function. Openness to ideas and a deep understanding of the development process helps create interesting, bold, and often out of time solutions - modern interior design. Mood and atmosphere are main evaluation criteria. Sensory perception of space - through light, color, tactility, sensations, feelings, experience. There are no random items and unnecessary zones. Function defines aesthetics. The bureau successfully handles large orders due to the efficiency achieved by the corporate strategy: creating a trusting contact with the customer (maximum focus on his needs, minimum client involvement in the work process), coordination of all bureau departments in the CRM system, unconditional order fulfillment within the agreed time frame.

Materia 174 Architecture Office
The Fifth Element Residence
Zero Gravity Residence