Dren Begolli Designer Profile
Dren Begolli is the award-winning designer of the S13 Sideboard.
Dren Begolli

Dren is one of the newest architect from Pristina, who finished the Bachelor Degree in Department of Engineering and Architecture at University of Pristina. Now it’s continuing the Master Degree in the same University and Department. He worked in some architecture studios in Pristina in which he won some national and local contests. In one contest he won the 1st place and another the 3rd place in collaboration with Alfa Product. In collaboration with Lutolli&Partners won 2nd place. He also made internship in Municipality of Pristina in Department of Urban Planning. Dren is cofounder of MODUL Academy (NGO); Academy for Architects. He finished some trainings about 3D Printers and CNC Machines because now he is working in a company that produces furniture. It’s the company of his father and now together they are trying to extend it.

S13 Sideboard