Alexander Daxböck Designer Profile
Alexander Daxböck is the award-winning designer of the Tokyo Metropolis Architectural Illustrations.
Alexander Daxböck

Besides his interest on emergent forms of urban planning and urban development, he particularly focuses on the value and importance of architectural drawings, illustrations and stills as communication tool and transmitter of information, time, emotion or atmosphere. Trying to blur and combine certain limits and elements between architecture, graphics, comics and fiction. Drawings experienced and understood as playful sites and topographies, open for speculations, experiments and ideas. The result, images handling different scales driven by diverse inspirations, detailed and vague at the same time. Occasionally being more relational or abstract than architectural, spatial or figurative, presented and positioned between a technical draft and an artistic expression and always relying on the observer for explanation. Being more interested in following the idea to keep things in play, to maintain an uncertainty, to trigger enthusiasm than driven by the need to produce unique or in a certain way 'completed' drawings.

Tokyo Metropolis Architectural Illustrations