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rat[LAB] INTERIORS is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.

rat[LAB]INTERIORS is a subset of rat[LAB]-Research in Architecture & Technology, started as an initiative by Anchal Chaudhary & Sushant Verma to explore formal intersections of parametric design techniques and interior spaces. The collaborative venture focuses on rational use of technology for design of interior spaces, to foster memorable spaces, distinctive brands and meaningful experiences. There is a strong intent of creating transformative spaces that can positively affect the usability by creating an exchange between the interior and exterior environment. rat[LAB] - Research in Architecture & Technology, is an independent research organization and network of designers & researchers specializing in computational design or similar technology-related domains. rat[LAB] is operated as a cloud-based organization with an international network of researchers & computational designers spread across UK, USA, Europe & Asia, and a studio in New Delhi, India, the research cell functions as a global collaborative and multidisciplinary laboratory facilitating design research that leads to novel spatial tectonics and smart built environments. The research agendas broadly focus on use of computational design & parametric design in architecture, with intersections between design & technology spread across scales and disciplines. rat[LAB] offers collaborations to architecture and design firms to develop systemic models using advanced computational techniques and carry out project-specific or agenda-specific work in all fields of design.

The Parametric Wave Restaurant
Faceted Shell Experience Center