Edo Santoso Designer Profile
Edo Santoso is the award-winning designer of the Kaung Dining Table.
Edo Santoso

I have a graphic design background, and so I basically do not have any formal knowledge about furniture and or about its productions. I like wood, and to be exact I love wood. I have a passion to learn more about wood and its unique characteristics to help me design my products. For design and development purposes, sometimes I can just stand and take a look at the wood grains for some time, just to learn about its flow and story. And after I get more into the wood, see and learn about the beauty of it, I apply them on my design. And sometimes my design is only matched for a single piece of product, it is because I blend my character with the wood, and so my design will also match the characteristic of the wood itself. This is how I appreciate and represent the wood. My goal is I want to expose Indonesian high quality solid wood through my beautifully designed and crafted furniture. And for that, I have a solid professional team help me with the development. And to make it perfect, me and my team collect some data and reviews and have more customization on development if needed. We realized that every designer can design a solid wood furniture. But we think most of them are just designing without knowing about the characteristic of the wood itself, and just exploit the wood without passion, as if it feels something is missing, and we want to change that attitude. All my product designs came from the strongest point of each wood used, as with so many variables to count in design and result, and we just want to reach the maximum result of each wood can have with passion and still keep the dynamic flow of the wood grains.

Kaung Dining Table