Predrag Radojcic Designer Profile
Predrag Radojcic is the award-winning designer of the Clarity Sitting Bench.
Predrag Radojcic

I’m a product and interior designer working in several creative fields, from home decor, lighting and furniture, to fitness equipment, home renovation and bit of graphic design. All under three brands: P-PRODUCTS (home renovations, interior design and design of furniture), SCLECKER (home fitness equipment) and BAUK (graphic design, T-Shirt printing). I have worked on more than 50 home and club renovation projects, in the past 20 years, with one specific goal. Not to impose my idea, to mold hosts in my vision, but to make good setting and to free space for client to slide in. Ability to anticipate and understand clients sensibility was my signature, i think. Design of furniture and lighting is totally opposite story. That's the area where I like to push idea to the limits of functionality. Another of my greatest passions is designing fitness equipment for homes, especially small ones.

Predrag Radojcic
Clarity Sitting Bench