Yukari Sato & Takashi Terada Designer Profile
Yukari Sato & Takashi Terada is the award-winning designer of the Hineri Object Lighting.
Yukari Sato & Takashi Terada

Worked as fashion model in London and Tokyo. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design Institute, started making “washi” (handmade Japanese paper) in hometown which is famous for washi production for over 400 years. Present atelier was established in 2012. Washi is created using Kannon spring water, one of the famous 100 waters of Japan. Bring innovation into washi, while respecting traditional papermaking techniques and appreciating the lifestyle and sensibilities of the Japanese who use the “fleeting” material as a partition between inside and outside. Zeolite washi was developed with a research institution to heighten the dehumidifying and deodorizing functions while still keeping a thin and light texture to the paper, and making paper using paper threds into strings attached to wooden frames. These original washi creations are supplied domestically and abroad to decorate stores and hotels etc. Exhibited in London 2017. In recent years, I have collaborated on many three-dimensional works, and focussing on the possibilities of the craft and digital fabrication.

Yukari Sato & Takashi Terada
Hineri Object Lighting