Faith Hilda Quek Designer Profile
Faith Hilda Quek is the award-winning designer of the Freedom Collection Inspirational Jewellery.
Faith Hilda Quek

Faith is a spiritual believer of the gemstone seeking its owner. she connects the gifts of mother nature working with gemstones and metals & honor their origins from the earth. As an artisan of love and a weaver of dreams, she transforms their beauty into works of jewellery art & visions of love; interpreting every emotion into meaningful designs with a story behind each jewel piece. Inspired by the old world elegance of renaissance age, Faith's jewellery style evokes true romanticism with a strong architectural influence. All the while keeping true to core values and respect for the basics, to strike harmony between prestige and authenticity. Every private client goes on their own unique design journey, creating and telling their own story, giving birth to each an heirloom jewel to be treasured and gifted with hope and love.

Faith Hilda Quek
Freedom Collection Inspirational Jewellery