Ed Ong Designer Profile
Ed Ong is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Ed Ong

Ed Ong founded Dwell Interior Design Singapore in 2005. His forte is in creating fine interiors for private residences. With extensive experience in landed homes, Ed has also been engaged in the architecture of houses for overseas projects. On the commercial front, in 2010, Ed was the first Asian designer to be appointed as the creative lead for the design of Blum's showrooms across South-East Asia. Blum is a European MNC that manufactures furniture fittings used by most luxury brands. This collaboration spanned 2 years and saw the roll-out of Blum's new showrooms in Singapore, Jakarta, Surabaya, Ho Chi Minh and Manila. Dwell's strengths and success owes largely to Ed's philosophy that talent is meant to serve. He takes time to listen and understand the client. With more than 100 projects under him, Ed's word of wisdom to young designers is that trust is the foundation of the client-designer relationship. Ed is named in Singapore Tatler's "50 Most Influential in Singapore Design" and "Best of Singapore - Contemporary Design". He is also a winner of the A'Design Award (Luxury Design) in 2017.

Noce House Residence
Leedon Residence Luxury Home